Mid-Term evaluation of the international committee of "Le Commissariat général à l'investissement" - CGI
"This is an excellent Labex that deserves financial support for the next period. The idea of creating the IPGG was most timely and well chosen. The great advances made in nanophotonics and nanoengineering should now be incorporated into nanofluidics. This is exactly the right Centre to do the job. The institute will also foster both teaching and research in this exciting new field. This field is expected to make serious impacts on the science and technology of microfluidics and lab-on chip. The teaching program is extremely well thought and covers specialisations, which are only available in a very limited number of establishments around the world. Studying at the IPGG will be a great privilege. Creation of the IPGG is among the best investments made recently in French science."

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute Partners