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Laboratoire Physico-biologie aux méso-échelles

UMR 168
Our research focuses primarily on the study of populations of interacting cells (from bacteria to epithelial cells) using physics concepts and techniques. We therefore address fundamental problems of biology from a different perspective, complementary to the biological point of view. More specifically, we are presently involved in two main projects addressing different aspects of communication between cells, thus leading to collective behaviors: chemotaxis of bacteria and collective migration of epithelial cells. In both cases, we make use of the possibilities offered by the techniques of microfabrication: by a good control of the geometries and surface properties, we obtain highly reproducible situations with well defined boundary conditions. The microfabrication techniques we use are mainly based on soft lithography, and develop new strategies allowing such a control. These projects are quite relevant to a number of practical situations in which cells develop a collective response to natural microenvironments (biofilms, tissues, tumors…). The model systems that we develop are a first step towards the understanding of these behaviors.
Affiliated institution: Institut Curie
Responsable: Pascal Silberzan

Physical Chemistry Curie - Institut Curie / CNRS UMR 168 / UPMC
Team Pascal Silberzan
26 rue d’Ulm 75005 PARIS
Fax : +33 (0)1 40 51 06 36

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