Accelerator of innovation in companies,
from support by the Carnot Institute IPGG to the creation of start-ups within
the IPGG research teams.
Microfluidics is a booming market that is currently driving innovation in many areas of fundamental and applied research. While being at the forefront of fundamental research, IPGG researchers attach importance to the development of applications that can have a strong societal impact. They demonstrate a strong culture of turning discoveries into innovations. IPGG researchers are keen to initiate partnerships with companies and to translate their scientific knowledge into economic projects.

Carnot IPGG Microfluidics

The Carnot IPGG Microfluidics accompanies companies in their Research-Development-Innovation projects to bring them a competitive advantage through new solutions in microfluidics. Microfluidics easily adapts itself to industry expectations, which are constantly looking for new techniques reducing (i) their costs, (ii) their manufacturing time and (iii) their impact on the environment.

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Start-ups created by the IPGG teams

Thanks to the support of PSL University for the valorization of its patents and to well-chosen investments in high-risk projects, the IPGG teams have created 20 start-ups since its creation: Alvéole, Depixus, Hifibio, Biomillenia, MicroBrain Biotech, MicroFactory, Calyxia, MilliDrop, PlatOD, Inorevia, MesoBiotech, Sweetch Energy, Cyprio, 4DCell, DropMap, Ishperes, Kapsera, Energo, Minos biosciences, and Hummink.

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