Université PSL

Laboratoire Imagerie et contrôle optique de l’organisation cellulaire

UMR 168
Our group aims at developing and applying imaging assays to study biological processes underlying the dynamic architecture of living cells.

To this end, we are using two complimentary approaches:
(1) with single molecule imaging tools, we are probing the structural, stoechiometric and dynamic properties of macromolecular assemblies in live cells,
(2) with optogenetic, microfluidic or magnetic manipulation, we are studying the cell response to controlled perturbation, in order to decipher the molecular circuits mediating the processing of information and decision-making in cellular systems.

Our current projects are focused on the target search of individual transcription factors in eukaryotic cells and on the emergence of polarity during migration and division.
Affiliated institution: Institut Curie
Responsable: Mathieu Coppey

Institut Curie – Research section of Physico-chemical laboratory, UMR168
Team Mathieu Coppey
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 PARIS

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