Microscale Affairs

Microscale Affairs is a organizing committee of Ph.D. students and post doc, which proposes monthly seminars at the IPGG, or in remote about nano and micro scale technologies. Each seminar is composed of 30-min talk usually presented by a PI coming from outside the IPGG, preceded by a 15-min talk from a IPGG Ph.D. student or postdoc. Eventhough the covid situation currently prevents any lunch, we welcome every attenders to meet the speakers and increase their networking while sharing pizza at the IPGG. If you are interested, please register to receive the seminar announcements and recent updates directly in your email box.

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Wednesday, September 29th at 11 AM at IPGG Amphitheater and on Zoom.

Label-Free Sorting by Droplet Microfluidics

Our lab has developed a novel platform for droplet sorting that can be used to sort enzymes by activity, and cells by metabolism. It is a passive technique that utilizes no excitation laser, detector, active sorter and related electronics, or fluorescent labels. It presents a robust way to sort enzyme libraries for screening and sort cancer cells by a defining characteristic, their aberrant metabolism. The technique also enables the isolation of activated T-cells prior to the display of cellular surface markers. The isolation of activated T-cells in minutes rather than hours can have broad usage as a biotechnology tool and for the study and selection for immunology and immunotherapy.

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