Physical Biology Circle Meeting

Physical Biology Circle Meeting
Dates: 2017/03/08-10
Venue: EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

The principle is to gather PhD students and postdocs to let students present their work in front of other young researchers, without the sometimes intimidating presence of PIs. Therefore, PI's are not allowed to join, and the few organizing PIs are not allowed to ask questions.

About 80 students will come from many leading institutes working at the interface between Physics and Biology:
Dresden (MPI-PKS, MPI-CBG), Amsterdam (AMOLF), Heidelberg (EMBL), Saarbrücken, London (UCL, CRICK) and Paris (Curie, LJP, ENS, Pasteur, …).
This meeting is always a great event and a lot of fun for all participants. Even if you have just started your PhD, it is an excellent occasion to present your work in a friendly but stimulating atmosphere. So far, this meeting has been a great success, as you will realize if you talk to those who attended it in the past.