Présentation de l'IPGG

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute outlook (IPGG)

Microfluidics or the science of manipulation of small fluid volumes with new technologies.
Talking of the Industry world and Research, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes used to say that « both have everything to gain by working together ». Regarding the frontiers between scientific domains, he stressed that we should be able to overcome them in order to make the domains more successful and fully exploit their potentials. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute – IPGG – has been created along these lines of thought: its goal is to bring together, in a cross-disciplinary domain (microfluidics), experts from various disciplines (physics, biology, chemistry, technology), and develop both fundamental and applied research. Industrial domains interested by microfluidics are numerous (food industry, medicinal field, cosmetics, oil industry, instrumentation, ...).

Two-time future investments (PSL Equipex & Labex), IPGG brings together all of microfluidics research activities on the Montagne Sainte Geneviève. – Paris.

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Figures :

  • 6,2 millions € obtained from EQUIPEX
  • 9 millions € obtained from LABEX
  • 12 millions € edicated to the renovation, provided by the City of Paris, of a 7 floors building, located in Calvin Street, i.e in the heart of the 5th district of Paris;

the total estimate for the project implantation of 27,2 millions €

Real Estate Operation :

  • May to Decembre 2012 : pre-project
  • January 2013 : Deposit of the building permit application
  • January to June 2013 : Studies
  • June 2013 : Call for selecting companies
  • September 2013 : beginning of the renovation works
  • January 2015 : End of the works

IPGG is...


IPGG ambition is to strengthen and expand the microfluidic « Revolution ». Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, PGG for his students, emphasized on the importance of interfaces in science.


IPGG is a LABEX and an EQUIPEX : it is supported by the « Investment for the Future Program ». It is run by a steering Comitee (COPIL), which plays a deliberative role on the funds granted...


The IPGG is 14 research teams in PSL partnering to develop microfluidics and its applications.