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EA 3492
For the last five-year contract, the Laboratory of plasma process engineering and surface treatment (LGPPTS, created in 1981) was organized in 4 project-teams :
1 – Surface treatment and plasma thin film coating
2 – Plasma depollution and ageing of materials
3 – Plasma processes and materials for energy
4 – Plasma processes, materials, microsystems

After the creation of the Institute of Research of Chimie Paris (IRCP) in 2014, and our involvement in the IPGG, we will form a single team called “Processes, Plasma, Microsystems” (2PM), which will be composed of 3 teams from the former LGPPTS (teams 1, 3 and 4 above-mentioned). As most of our work was based on surface treatment of materials and clean processes (depollution, purification, extraction, etc.), we will now integrate them into the development of innovative microsystems related to process engineering, enabling us to expand our competencies to new fields, such as the chemical synthesis in microreactors enhanced by plasma/catalysis coupling.

In the “plasma processes” section, two kinds of applications will be studied; (i) thin films coating processes and surface treatment and (ii) extraction or transformation of molecules in solid, liquid or gas matrix. It is then an industrial-oriented research that will be based on a large platform of plasma-enhanced elaboration of materials, from the process design to the technological transfer with industrial or academic collaborations.

The “microsystems” section, hosted at the IPGG, will be complementary and will consolidate the fundamental aspect of our research, with two stated goals: (i) using microsystems as innovative characterization tools of surface properties (catalytic activity, chemical stability, etc.) and reaction mechanisms and (ii) developing microsystems to improve the performance of the processes in terms of intensification by the control of the flows, the residence times, the matter and energy transfers. This second point will lead to a controlled chemistry in plasma microreactors for the synthesis of biodegradable polymers, the valorization of CO2 and the processes of depollution (COV treatment, water treatment).
Affiliated institution: ENSCP
Responsable: Michael Tatoulian

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Laboratory of Plasma chemical engineering
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