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UMR CNRS 8258 - U INSERM 1022
The Imagery, Chemical and Genetic Pharmacology Unit develops innovative approaches in biology and medicine in the field of the fight against cancer and genetic diseases. Its approach is based on classical and genetic treatments for cellular dysfunctions observed with these pathologies.
Through its multidisciplinary structure, the unit works on all the necessary steps to develop new treatments. Therefore its research focuses on the design and synthesis of active molecules, and drug and DNA carriers, their formulation and the study of their physicochemical properties, their administration by both conventional and electrotransfer methods, the evaluation of their in vitro and in vivo efficiency, their biodistribution and their biochemical changes and interaction with the selected targets.

The team "Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Analytical Imaging and Diagnostic Systems" is strongly involved in the synthesis of ligands and multimodal imaging probes, the development of NMR imaging methods for the characterization of various pathologies, the electrochemical detection of biological analytes such as nitric oxide and the design of analytical microsystems and the coupling between electrokinetic separation methods and detection techniques.
Affiliated institution: ENSCP
Responsable: Fethi Bedioui

CNRS UMR 8151 / Inserm U1022
Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Imaging and Analytical Systems for Diagnosis Team
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75231 Paris Cedex 05
Fax: +33 144 27 64 96

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