Laboratoire Biologie cellulaire systémique de la polarité et de la division

UMR 144
Our team studies the process of cell polarization, in the context of cell migration and cell division. A cell is polarized when it has developed a main axis of organization. Polarization can occur spontaneously or be triggered by external signals, like gradients of signaling molecules, light, forces or even electrical fields. It involves a reorganization of the cell cytoskeleton and intracellular organelles and eventually results in a specific cell response: directional migration or growth, oriented division, oriented secretion, etc…
We use and develop innovative tools based on micro-fabrication techniques, in order to control the main physical and chemical parameters of the cell micro-environment. These tools are coupled with high quality quantitative microscopy, as well as regular molecular and cell biology techniques, providing a quantitative description of the cell behaviour.
Our current project focus on how physical and geometrical constrains impact cell division and cell migration.
Affiliated institution : Institut Curie
Responsable : Matthieu Piel

Department: Subcellular structure and cellular dynamics - Institut Curie / CNRS UMR 144
Team: Systems Biology of Cell Division and Cell Polarity
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