Training through research

MASTER 2 Microfluidic

The IPGG welcomes students of the Microfluidics Master's program all year long for classes and can propose up to two internships:

  • a short one during the first semester, where students spend 2 days per week in one of the 20 IPGG teams. The internship topics are communicated at the beginning of the year for a start in mid-October;
  • a second longer one, during the whole second semester. Students can do their internship in the research laboratory of their choice, at the IPGG, elsewhere in France or abroad.

PhD Candidates

The IPGG welcome up to 10 new PhD students every year. Each teams is related to doctoral school which provide of administrative support for PhD candidates. Each doctoral school has their own rules and hiring process. Either you are looking a PhD funding, or you already began you PhD thesis, you may need to check them often. Here is the list of all doctoral school related to IPGG’s teams.

List of doctoral schools related to our research teams?


The IPGG brings together 4 institutes and schools, Chimie ParisTech-PSL, ENS-PSL, Institut Curie and ESPCI-PSL, which help PhD students with administrative and financial procedures throughout their doctorate. You can find these contacts and a few documents related to doctoral registration here:

- Institut Curie :

>> Inscriptions sous fichier téléchargeables

>> Inscriptions sous fichier téléchargeables

- Chimie Paris :


- ENS : 

Internal grant

Finally, IPGG funds projects from IPGG teams which allow hiring PhD candidates and postdocs. Here are the calendar of open calls for the next years:

  • 2021 for Open call + 2021 Water/Energy
  • 2022 Open Call OR Thematic calls
  • 2023 Open Call OR Thematic calls

If you are interested in working with one of the IPGG teams on the previously cited fields, please do not hesitate to ask the PIs if they apply on the next session.

You can also check the current available positions here and spontaneously apply here.