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The Tremplin Carnot IPGG Microfluidique
caters solutions to your needs

There are different ways to cooperate with a research laboratory. The collaboration may involve access to technology or expertise of a laboratory, a feasibility study, or on a collaborative research and development more sustainable.

We offer different types of contracts with different consequences in terms of industrial property:

- Research contract (Long-term exploratory study at the request of a company)      
- Collaborative Contract (Subsidized research project)
- Service (Targeted ad hoc studies, consulting, access to technological platforms​)
- Joint Laboratories (R&D partnerships between companies and research laboratories)
- Training (Customized training for professionals)
By leveraging partnerships with a public laboratory, you can reduce your R&D costs, implement new development strategies and be at the forefront of prospective and future technological breakthroughs.


The Tremplin Carnot IPGG Microfluidique is at your disposal. We help you to find the best answer to your needs.

Feel free to send us your requests, we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the documents that you send to us in accordance with the charter of good practice of the Carnot institutes network.

We will contact you as soon as possible to best meet your request.

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