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The IPGG funds scientific projects where nano- and micro-fluidics play a central role in the research teams. During the 1st phase of the IPGG Labex from 2012 to 2017, 6 calls for projects were launched. They allowed 40 doctoral and postdoctoral grants to be awarded.

The 2nd phase of the Labex IPGG was launched in 2020 thanks to the renewal of the Labex in 2019. Since 2020, 17 projects have been funded.

Temporal control of condensate assembly/disassembly to sequester lipid droplets in cells and control their metabolism

​Project leader:
Zoher GUEROUI & Abdou Rachid THIAM

Lipid droplets (LDs) are unusual cellular organelles that are at the nexus of cellular lipid
metabolism. In addition to carbon and energy storage, they play major roles in various processes such as lipid metabolism, protein storage and degradation, as well as resistance to biotic and abiotic stress. In human, they are involved in various metabolic disorders, while in plants, they raise interest for biotechnological applications. A better understanding of LD biology is thus crucial both for health issues and green biotechnologies. In particular, the spatiotemporal control of LD biogenesis and functions to
coordinate response to metabolic need, stress, and cell fate, remains poorly understood. In addition, methods to probe and dissect LD dynamics and functions in cells remain underdeveloped. Therefore, the elaboration of new methodologies to probe and perturb LDs in cells is essential. Here, we have built a unique consortium with synergetic expertise in biochemistry, protein engineering, biophysics and cell biology aiming to provide a novel tool to probe perturb LD dynamics in cells. The Goal of the IPGG project
is to further develop this methodology and obtain a temporal control over the assembly/disassembly of artificial condensates confining lipid droplets in cells.

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