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Parallelized Manipulation of Adherent Living Cells by Magnetic Nanoparticles-Mediated Forces
M Bongaerts, K Aizel, E Secret, A Jan, T Nahar, F. Raudzus, S Neumann, N Telling, R Heumann, JM Siaugue, C Menager, J Fresnais, C Villard, A El Haj, J Piehler, M A Gates, M Coppey
International Journal of Molecular Sciences - 1 (18) 6560 - - 2020
Cellular and Subcellular Contact Guidance on Microfabricated Substrates
C Leclech, C Villard
Frontiers - 8 1198 - - 2020
Fluid shear stress coupled with narrow constrictions induce cell type-dependent morphological and molecular changes in SK-BR-3 and MDA-MB-231 cells
H Cognart, Jl Viovy, C Villard
Scientific Reports - 10 (1) - - 2020
The expression level of alpha-synuclein in different neuronal populations is the primary determinant of its prion-like seeding
J Courte, L Bousset, Y von Boxberg, C Villard, R Melki et JM Peyrin
Scientific Reports - 10 4895 - - 2020
 Development of a droplet microfluidics device based on integrated soft magnets and fluidic capacitor for passive extraction and redispersion of functionalized magnetic particles
M Serra, E Gontran, I Hajjj, L Malaquin, JL Viovy, S Descroix, D Ferraro
Adv Mater - - - 2020
Developing an advanced gut on chip model enabling the study of epithelial cell/fibroblast interactions
M Verhulsel, A Simon, M Bernheim-Dennery, V Gannavarapu, L Gérémie, D Ferraro, D Krndija, L Talini, JL Viovy, D. Matic Vignjevic, S Descroix
Lab. Chip - - - 2020
Integrated droplet microfluidic device for magnetic particles handling: Application to DNA size selection in NGS libraries preparation
Serra M, Mai TD, Serra, AL, Nguyen, MC, Eisele A, Perie L, Viovy, JL, Ferraro D, Descroix, S.
Sensors & Actuators - - - 2020
Continuous chemical operations and modifications on magnetic γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles confined in nanoliter droplets for the assembly of fluorescent and magnetic SiO2@γ-Fe2O3
Ferraro D, Lin Y, Teste B, Talbot D, Malaquin L, Descroix S, Abou-Hassan A
Chem. Comm. - 51 16904-16907 - - 2020
 Structural transitions and mechanochemical coupling in the nucleoprotein filament explain homology selectivity and Rad51 protein cooperativity in cellular DNA repair
S Atwell, D Migliozzi, A Dupont, JL Viovy, G Cappello
Phys. Rev. E - 101 (3) - - 2020
Droplet microfluidic platform for fast and continuous-flow RT-qPCR analysis devoted to cancer diagnosis application
Hajji, I, Serra, M, Geremie, L , Ferrante, I, Renault, R., Viovy, JL, Descroix, S., Ferraro, D
Sensors & Actuators - - - 2020


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